Friday, March 2, 2012

A fake veneer

We’re rarely in a position to see causal relationships directly. We know them mostly by the effects they have on us locally ..or what we hear from others who claim to have been there. Most often what we hear is ‘the most likely’ cause .. passed down 2nd or 3rd hand from news reporters. What I like is when we get it directly from the source ..and even they admit they can’t see it either they also give us the most likely cause. For example, the Klamath is seeing a tremendous boost in salmon this year. The fishermen can’t see the reason. “Nothing dramatic has changed ..most likely due to healthy stream flows in the Klamath.” Oceanographers say “fewer predators” Others credit the efforts of Native Americans to protect fish habitats. I like what Kristen Boyles (attorney for Earthjustice) says “Since this boost occurred outside the expectations of both conservationists and the fishing industry ..the battle between environmental protection versus economic activity is most likely a fake veneer covering up a much larger cycle of events occurring outside the narrow interest of individuals.”

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