Friday, March 30, 2012

Persecution by implication

Regarding the story of Gary Klein ‘under a cloud of suspicion’ ~>[ link ]

The implication: Attorneys for the family of the deceased (Rina Klein) suggest that the husband (Gary Klein) killed her. They don’t come right out and say so ..nor have murder charges been filed. What attorneys do say is:
“He disparaged her in public ..”
“She was planning a divorce but says she was afraid he would kill her if he ever found out.”
“She told her sister that he was cruel and went around saying that if he wanted he could kill her and no one would find out how it happened.”
They never actually say he killed her or even threatened to. The wife was a successful Hollywood attorney but hadn’t worked in nine years due to depression. Her family is suing the husband to dis-inherit him in probate court ..and gain custody of his children in family court. 
Public record: Doctors certify that she died of lupus. A report by a medical examiner says “..a combination of amphetamine, anti-depressants and lupus medication may have also contributed.” The husband says he knew about her medical condition but nothing about the alleged divorce plans. She never filed for divorce nor is there any evidence that she ever planned to. Just hearsay from her family. Nor is there any evidence that he ever threatened or abused her. Just unsubstantiated claims by attorneys. 
Persecution by implication: I don’t think this amounts to murder. I do believe it is a case of pragmatic implications, which are of indeterminate truth-value ..intended to keep an investigation open and continue persecuting someone for financial gain. Attorneys routinely use pragmatic implications to suggest things without actually saying them .. hoping listeners will fill in the blanks. Attorneys for OJ Simpson actually got a jury to believe police conspired to frame their client by merely asking if they’d ever known someone who had experienced police brutality (common in all-black neighborhoods). They never asked about police frame-ups (because they’re exceedingly rare). Reference: Bugliosi ‘Outrage’ epilogue 340-342 [ link ]

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